Local 2 Global

Circumpolar collaboration for suicide prevention and mental wellness


Local 2 Global aims to facilitate international collaboration and connections between circumpolar communities working to prevent suicide and support the mental wellbeing of all Arctic youth and communities, including Arctic Indigenous Peoples who have the highest rates of suicide in the Arctic.


  1. Digital storytelling workshops
  2. Knowledge exchange study tour
  3. Circumpolar adverse childhood experiences research initiative
  4. Local2Global Circumpolar Forum

Changing the narrative: Addressing suicide through storytelling

Bringing an Inuit perspective on mental wellness to the Sustainable Development Working Group
10 May 2021

Interview with the Arctic Council’s Arctic Human Health Expert Group

What is the Arctic Human Health Expert Group? What issues and projects is it involved in? Learn about this Expert Group of the Sustainable Development Working Group throu...
11 Jan 2021
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